DDOG: Jefferies投資者會議紀要

  • 增長: 👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • 估值: 👍👍👍👍👍
  • 競爭力: 👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • 7👍為最高
  • 預估1年內股價升幅: 45% to 70%
  • 業務簡介: 網絡保安表現監察及分析
  • Datadog(DDOG) 6月初和 Jefferies舉行投資者會議,其後股價隨即大升。Investor day 當日公司向機構性投資者講了什麼呢? 以下是當日的會議記要:
  • 第一條問題是宏觀經濟逆境對公司的影響。管理層強調作為雲端網絡監察公司,目前還是很 business as ususal,沒感受到影響。除雲端化這個大趨勢外,利好公司的因素還有: (一) DDOG 只佔客戶雲相關支出的單位數比重,換言之不應是 cut budget 的頭號目標,(二) 公司提供自動化整合解決方案,幫客戶節省成本,提供在 do it yourself 以外的選項,(三) 近80% 的收入屬訂閱制,基本上己被鎖定,不似 consumption based model 受經濟環境變化影響。

We said on our earnings call that in our first quarter, we didn’t see any impact from the economy or from Russia, Ukraine that we – our first quarter was very similar to our previous first quarters in terms of net retention and adoption and the growth of the business.

Of course, we’re looking – we’re not naive. Back in the second quarter of – at the beginning of 2020, at the beginning of COVID, we did see some flattening of the business…

And that could happen again, that clients, in periods of time where there is some economic pushback, will look at their cost structure. We take some comfort in the fact that we are only low single digits cost of their cloud expense.

And there are tremendous trends towards digital migration. In fact, there may be things in a tighter labor economy and with cost management where you want to go to more of a managed solution than do-it-yourself. So there are a number of things that we look at, but we haven’t really seen any effect yet. In addition, we have a very long-term trend here in cloud migration and DevOps.

And I think I want to emphasize, we have a different model. 75% to 80% of our business is in take-or-pay subscriptions. And what that provides is a very strong underpinning, meaning most of our business is committed contractually.

In addition, we’ve seen such factors as our product growth, our expansion of SKUs and things like that be strong factors in clients continue to adopt more and more of the solution even if they’re in a cost management mode.

  • 在隨後的對答,管理層分享了對競爭環境,產品開發,競爭策略等等的看法 …
  • 優秀投資回報以基本分析為基礎,本網誌的增長股財務及估值數據庫,覆蓋20多隻最具增長動力及熱門的增長股,深入淺出地帶出投資重點。以下為付費會員內容(Plan B),Plan B付費會員可閱覽個股分析,以及財務估值資料庫。訂閱計劃介紹請看 : 會員訂閱計劃: Let’s grow and prosper together | Invest Data Flake

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