BILL: 2Q 季績 conference call 重點

  • 企業會計自動化SaaS BILL 早前公佈很強勁的2Q季績,在如此的科技股大型調整市況下,半個月內可以曾升逾50%!! 我在業績發佈當天的分析文章己指出公司業績突出之處 BILL: 使用量帶動營業額增長近 200% | Invest Data Flake 。現在細閱公司季績 conference call ,了解其亮麗業績背後的動力。以下是整理後的第一段要點,歡迎大家訂閱 plan B閱覽全文:
  • BILL 宣佈和 Bank of America 達成合作伙伴協議,公司會為 Bank of America 的中小企客戶提供服務。這 partnership 己為公司帶來新客戶,並22年全國性推廣。與會計師樓的marketing referral 合作也是公司的其中主要客戶來源。預計未來每季BILL的用戶淨增長可提高至6000:

In prior earnings calls, we discussed being selected to design a new payables and receivable solution for one of the top three small business banks in the U.S. Today, I’m excited to share that the bank is Bank of America. This new partnership came together as a result of our success serving Bank of America’s commercial customers and extends our reach to support all of the small businesses, including sole proprietors that Bank of America serves. The new solution was launched in several markets in Q2, and the nationwide rollout will continue throughout calendar year 2022. We are delighted about the tremendous extension of our reach this opportunity brings to

We have partnerships with six of the top 10 financial institutions and more than 5,500 accounting firms, including more than 85 of the top 100 in the U.S. The breadth and diversity of our distribution strategy has enabled us to reach more customers and expand our network to more than 3.2 million members.

So at this point, there isn’t a significant contribution to the net new adds we had in the last quarter. But we do expect going forward that we’ll be above the previously discussed range of 4,000 to 5,000, maybe closer to 6,000 than the most recent quarter of 8,100, but we’re really pleased with the progress.

  • 優秀投資回報以基本分析為基礎,本網誌的增長股財務及估值數據庫,覆蓋20多隻最具增長動力及熱門的增長股,深入淺出地帶出投資重點。以下為付費會員內容(Plan B),Plan B 付費會員可閱覽個股分析,以及財務估值資料庫。訂閱計劃介紹請看 : 會員訂閱計劃: Let’s grow and prosper together | Invest Data Flake

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