31 Jan to 4 Feb: 交易更新

  • 由即日至周五 (4 Feb) 的投資組合交易,將於這裏更新。

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6 thoughts on “31 Jan to 4 Feb: 交易更新

  1. Hi , any reason that you did not make the stock evaluation on AMD in the library ? Just released the Q4 report at over expectation. Any view on this stock at this price level ? Fair value evaluation ? Also, I have not seen your chat room to exchange the trade idea with the member yet. Would that chat room set up ?
    Awaiting to hear from you. Thanks

    • 我的stock coverage list 包括約20 隻股票,目標是要專注及有較深入認識,這個 coverage 的數目不算少了,很難所有主要公司都 cover晒,請見諒,況且我的 focus是在較有爆發力的中小市值公司。目前未有設立 chat room的打算,有問題和觀點的話不妨在此或我的 Facebook專頁提出,在港英時差的範圍內我會盡快回覆

    • And regarding AMD, here are what I saw in twitter:

      +Q4 Rev: 49% YoY
      +Wrapped up FY 2021: 68% YoY
      +Q1 22 Guide: Gonna hit 50% YoY
      +FY 2022 Guide: 31% YoY *Way above* Street est of 19%
      +FCF of $3.2B(!!)
      +Best-ever GM Qtr!

      That’s a blow out quarter and I see no reason the share price could not soar post ER. For sure this positive result has a positive implication on NVDA

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