G10/G7 增長股指數: 7 Jan – 14 Jan

  • 由現在至下周五(14 Jan),增長股指數的每日報價將在此更新:

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2 thoughts on “G10/G7 增長股指數: 7 Jan – 14 Jan

  1. Dear Invest Data Flake

    Q1) Will G7 and G10 indices be fixed with these 7 or 10 stocks or
    the indices will be replaced by other appropriate stocks and kick out some ?

    Q2) if some stocks are replaceable , what are your criteria ?



    • HI thanks for subscription,

      Q1) I will review the members of G10 every month end. For G7, I think they will be maintained for a long period as they are well known blue chips, unless there is very substantial change in fundamental

      Q2) My criteria is purely fundamental driven, namely growth, profitability, business model, and management. Valuation will not be a consideration

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