NVDA: 3Q季績 Q&A精華 – Omniverse會是更大的催化劑

  • 關於Omniverse的前景,是一個很廣泛及很具憧憬性的主題。Omniverse可應用到各行業的虛擬機械人之上,再加上訂閱式的收入,Jensen Huang 對Omniverse的期望非常之樂觀。

“One of them, of course, is that it serves as a way to connect 3D and digital designing world. “

“We built Omniverse Avatar to make it easy for people to integrate some amazing technology. We’ll consider vision with speed recognition, natural language understanding, gesture recognition, facial animation, speech synthesis, recommender systems. All of that integrated into 1 system and money in real, time that avatar’s system is essentially a robotic system. And the way that you would use that is for example, the $25 million or so retail stores, restaurant, places like airports, train stations and office buildings and such where you can have intelligent avatars doing a lot of assistance. They might be doing checkout, they might be doing check in, they might be doing at customer support. And all of that can be done with avatars, as I’ve demonstrated. So the virtual, the virtual robotics application, digital vibes or avatars, it is going to be likely the largest robotics opportunity. “

“We’ve heard that the new cars will all have — will all be — have the capability to have something like an Omniverse Avatar. And so there’s 100 million cars to be $1,000 per car per year. “

“But this is really going to be one of the largest graphics opportunities that we’ve ever seen. And the reason why it’s taking so long for it just to manifest is because it requires 4 fundamental technologies to come together, First of all this could be the graphics, second, is physics simulation, because we’re talking about things in world that has to be believable. So it has to obey the laws of physics. And then third is artificial intelligence as I demonstrated. And all of it runs on top of a Omniverse computer that has to do not just AI, not just physics, not just computer graphics, but all of it.”

“I believe Omniverse Avatar will be in drive-thrus of restaurants, fast food restaurants, checkouts of restaurant, in retail stores all over the world within less than 5 years. 

  • 關於 datacenter 的前景: 很多雲端數據庫的應用己進入 scale up period,聽Jensen Huang的語氣,明年30%以上的datacenter 增長很有機會達到

“First of all, we have secured guaranteed supply, very large amounts of it, quite a spectacular amount of it from the world’s leading LED and substrate in packaging and testing companies.”

“And about 1 % of it comes from super-computing centers and consult with sort of 40 % of so cloud, 50 % on enterprise, … And we expect next year the cloud service providers to scale out their chip learning and their AI workload really aggressively.”

“Back to your original question, I think next year is going to be quite a good year for Data centers.

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